Security Camera Rentals

Wireless security camera sales and rentals for remote industrial areas in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan

LSR Solutions offers a rental system which utilizes wireless communication in between their camera units to ensure no cables will be in the way. The power can also be provided by solar power. The main station can be set up for cellular if the area does not have a network setup, for example, a construction site. An audio speaker can be used to deter intruders while image notification can be sent 24/7 to any computer or cell phone. Once the operator receives the notification of an intruder they have the option of signing on the camera and seeing a live view. If necessary they could also contact the authorities and forward the image that was sent by the camera.



You will be able to monitor a site locally or remotely 24/7 with alarming and image notification to an operator’s work station or mobile device.


Temporary Rentals

We can also offer individual cameras to monitor temporary sites or processes, locally or remotely.

LSR Solutions